§42-26. Guide to Table of Permitted and Special Uses
A. Table of Permitted and Special Uses. The Table of Permitted and Special Uses (see §42-62) contains a
listing of uses which may be permitted in one or more of the various Zoning Districts established by this
Chapter. Uses are listed in alphabetical order in 13 functional categories. The categories in the order of listing
are: (1) Residential Uses 
(2) Accessory Uses
(3) Accessory Structures
(4) Recreational Uses 
(5) Educational and Institutional Uses 
(6) Business, Professional and Personal Services 
(7) Retail Trade 
(8) Wholesale Trade
(9) Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities 
(10)Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities 
(11)Temporary Uses
(12)Temporary Structures
(13)Agricultural Uses 
B. Entries. The District(s) in which a particular listed use may be permitted is indicated by a "P" or "S" in the
column(s) opposite the listed use.
C. Meaning of Entries. The meaning of the entries in the Table are as follows: 
1. "P" indicates the use is permitted by right and a zoning permit may be obtained.
2. "S" indicates the use requires approval of a Special Use Permit in accordance with the procedures of
§42-356 (Special Use Permits). 
3. The column on the far right labeled "SR" (Supplemental Requirements) means that there are special
additional performance requirements that the use must comply with in its development. These
requirements are contained in §42-63 (Supplemental Requirements to the Table of Permitted and
Special Uses). For any use subject to a Supplemental Requirement, the Supplemental Requirement
shall represent the minimum conditions for issuance of a Zoning Permit or a Special Use Permit.