Transitional Provisions
Final Approvals, Complete Applications. All development and redevelopment projects for which complete
and full applications were submitted and approved by the County prior to the effective date of Subpart B
and which remain valid, unexpired, unrevoked and not otherwise terminated at the time of development or
redevelopment shall be exempt from complying with all provisions of this subpart dealing with the control
and/or management of post-construction runoff, but shall be required to comply with all other applicable
A phased development plan shall be deemed approved prior to the effective data of Subpart B if it has been
approved by all necessary government units, it remains valid, unexpired, unrevoked and not otherwise
terminated, and it shows for:
The initial or first phase of development, the type and intensity of use for a specific parcel or
parcels, including at a minimum, the boundaries of the project and a subdivision plan that has been
Any subsequent phase of development, sufficient detail so that implementation of the requirements
of Subpart B to that phase of development would require a material change in that phase of the
Violations Continue. Any violation of provisions existing on the effective date of Subpart B shall continue
to be a violation under this Subpart B and be subject to penalties and enforcement under this subpart unless
the use, development, construction, or other activity complies with the provisions of this Subpart B.