Stormwater BMP Manual
Stormwater BMP Manual. The Water Quality Administrator shall use the policy, criteria, and information,
including technical specifications and standards, in the Stormwater BMP Manual as the basis for decisions
about Stormwater Management Permits and about the design, implementation and performance of
structural stormwater BMPs and non-structural stormwater BMPs. The Stormwater BMP Manual includes
a list of acceptable stormwater treatment practices, including specific design criteria for each stormwater
practice. Stormwater treatment practices that are designed, constructed, and maintained in accordance with
these design and sizing criteria will be presumed to meet the minimum water quality performance standards
of the Phase II laws.
Relationship of Stormwater BMP Manual to Other Laws and Regulations. If the specifications or
guidelines of the Stormwater BMP Manual are more restrictive or apply a higher standard than other laws
or regulations, that fact shall not prevent application of the specifications or guidelines in the Stormwater
BMP Manual.
Changes to Standards and Specifications. If the standards, specifications, guidelines, policies, criteria, or
other information in the Stormwater BMP Manual are amended subsequent to the submittal of an
application for approval pursuant to this Subpart B but prior to approval, the new information shall control
and shall be utilized in reviewing the application and in implementing this Subpart B with regard to the