§42-24. General Use District Requirements
The General Use Districts established above shall comply with the general and specific requirements of this Chapter,
and in particular shall comply with the following standards and requirements: 
A. Principal Use. See §42-10 (Principal Use). 
B. Density and Dimensional Requirements. See §42-27 through §42-39 (Density and Dimensional Requirements). 
C. Reduction of Front Yard Setbacks. See §42-300 (Exemptions and Modifications from Regulations) A
(Reduction of Front Yard Setbacks). 
D. Uses. See §42-62 (Table of Permitted and Special Uses). 
E. Supplemental Use Requirements. See §42-63 (Supplemental Requirements to the Table of Permitted and
Special Uses). 
F. Accessory Uses and Structures. See §42-63 (Supplemental Requirements to the Table of Permitted and Special
Uses), subsection 2 (Accessory Uses) and subsection 3 (Accessory Structures). 
G. Subdivision Approval. See Article III (Subdivision Regulations). 
H. Traffic Impact Study and Emergency Services Impact Report. See Article IV (Adequate Public Facilities
I. Landscaping and Buffering. See Article V (Landscape Design Standards). 
J. Parking and Loading. See Article VI (Off-Street Parking and Loading Standards). 
K. Signage. See Article VII (Sign Regulations). 
L. Permitting Procedures. See Article XI (Review Processes and Procedures).