Application of Regulations
Minimizing Impact on Water Quality. No building or land shall hereafter be used and no development shall
take place except in conformity with the regulations herein specified for the watershed area in which it is
located. All development must minimize built-upon surface area; direct stormwater away from surface
waters; and incorporate best management practices to minimize water quality impacts.
Prevent Impact on Water Quality and Public Health. No activity, situation, structure or land use shall be
allowed within the watershed which poses a threat to water quality and the public health, safety and
welfare. Such conditions may arise from inadequate on-site sewage systems which utilize ground
absorption; inadequate sedimentation and erosion control measures; the improper storage or disposal of
junk, trash or other refuse within a buffer area; the improper management of stormwater runoff; or any
other situation found to pose a threat to water quality.
Nontransferable Area. No area required for the purpose of complying with the provisions of this Subpart B
shall be included in the area required for another building.