Statutory Authorization
This Subpart B is adopted pursuant to North Carolina law, including but not limited to Article 14, Section 5 of the
Constitution of North Carolina; NCGS 143-214.7 and rules promulgated by the North Carolina Environmental
Management Commission (NCEMC) thereunder; Session Law 2004-163; NCGS 160A, Article 19 Article 19; NCGS
Section 121 and Chapter 143, Article 21 (Watershed and Air Resources).
Further, the Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972 (“Clean Water Act”) and federal Water Quality Rules
promulgated under it, as well as rules of the NCEMC promulgated in response to federal Phase II requirements,
compel certain urbanized areas, including this jurisdiction, to adopt minimum stormwater controls such as those
included in this Subpart B.