§42-23. General Use Zoning Districts
General Use Zoning Districts are created to provide comprehensive land use regulations throughout the jurisdiction of
this Chapter. There are thirteen (13) general use zoning districts (listed below) that provide for a variety of uses that are
appropriate to the character of the individual districts throughout the jurisdiction of this Chapter. Within the general
use districts indicated on the Official Zoning Map, no structure or land shall be used and no structure shall be erected
or altered which is intended or designed to be used in whole or in part for any use other than those listed as permitted
for that district in this Article. 
(1) Residential District One (R1) 
(2) Residential District Two (R2) 
(3) Residential District Two Rural (R2R) 
(4) Residential District Three (R3) 
(5) Residential District Four (R4) 
(6) Office Institutional District (OI) 
(7) Local Commercial District (LC) 
(8) Community Commercial District (CC) 
(9) Regional Commercial District (RC) 
(10) Industrial District (I) 
(11) Estate Residential District (R-40) 
(12) Surface Water District (SW) 
(13) Waterfront Residential District (WR)