Landscaping Improvement Guarantee
Where plant material is unavailable or during times of drought/inclement weather, the plant material required may
be bonded. All guarantees shall be accompanied by a written agreement (performance agreement) specifying the
terms and the amount of the guarantee. Following receipt of an improvement guarantees application, the Zoning
Administrator shall prepare formal recommendations as to amount and terms of the guarantees for improvements,
including time of initiation and completion of the work (and a requirement that temporary or permanent seeding be
installed to prevent sedimentation and erosion problems until required plant material is placed). The time of
completion for work shall not exceed six (6) months. The Zoning Administrator shall verify that the amount of the
guarantee is sufficient to provide adequate funds to the County to ensure, in the case of default, the installation of all
required improvements not completed at the time of default. All guarantees shall comply with applicable statutory
requirements and shall be satisfactory to the County Attorney as to form, sufficiency and manner of execution.
Guarantees employing lending institutions shall be institutions which are licensed to do business in North Carolina.