Cost Estimate Standards
Plans, specifications, quantities, unit costs and estimated total costs shall be provided by the applicant to the
Subdivision Administrator. Cost estimates shall: 
A.   Be prepared by a professional engineer licensed in N.C., or certified by a professional land surveyor or 
       landscape architect who is routinely engaged in cost estimates and licensed in N. C., at the applicants’ 
       expense. Water and sewer system infrastructure improvements shall be prepared by a professional 
       engineer licensed in N. C. at the applicant’s expense.
B.   Provide a schedule for initiation and completion of work.
C.   Include separate estimates for roads, bridges, water and sewer infrastructure, stormwater infrastructure,
       pedestrian infrastructure, utilities (including electrical power, natural gas and communication lines), 
       etc., consistent with the approved design plans construction specifications.   
D.   Include separate estimates for any off-site infrastructure improvements such as roadways, stormwater 
       system, water system, sanitary sewer system, etc., are required to be included in the improvement 
E.    Include all Federal and /or State mitigation fees due but not paid at the time of the execution of the 
        improvement guarantee. Proof of payment for remediation fees shall be provided to the Subdivision 
F.    Include all
professional engineering and land surveying fees associated with the bidding and award, 
       construction contract administration and engineering certifications associated with the development of 
    the infrastructure for the proposed development.