Where the required improvements have not been completed, prior to the submission of the final plat for approval,
the approval of said plat shall be subject to the applicant guaranteeing the installation of the improvements within
thirty (30) months provided the following:
A minimum of 25
percent of the on site improvements (based on the total project cost that the 
applicant is guaranteeing) is in place. The required improvements shall include rough grading for 
all proposed roads that are part of said improvement guarantee
All required Federal, State and Local permits for the development must be issued with copies 
provided to the Subdivision Administrator (include any required U.S.Army Corps of Engineers 
permits, NCDENR permits, water supply and distribution system permits, wastewater collection 
and treatment system permits, approvals for the extension of electrical power service and other 
necessary utilities, and all applicable Federal and State permits).
All associated design plans and construction specifications for the required improvements (i.e. 
roads, bridges, water and sewer infrastructure, stormwater infrastructure, pedestrian infrastructure,
etc.) including the design engineer’s release of such approved plans are submitted to the 
Subdivision Administrator.