§ 41-7.1.  Renaming Streets Previously Named Under the Ordinance.
A.  The County may rename a street previously named under this Ordinance upon the showing of any one of the
following numbered options:
(1)  A majority of the Board of Commissioners finds such renaming to be in the interest of the County;
(2)  At least one year has passed since the initial naming of the street or any hearing of a request to rename
the street before the Board of Commissioners, and all of the owners of parcels for which the property
address would or could (if an addressable structure was located on such parcel) have executed an
application for renaming and
(a)  all agree on the new name to be assigned to the street; and,
(b)  the new name is otherwise acceptable under this Ordinance,
and a majority of the Board of Commissioners finds that such renaming is not contrary to the County’s
interest.  A fee of in an amount set by the Board in its fee schedules will be collected at the time such a
petition is submitted to the Property Addressing Coordinator.
B.  The County shall not name or rename a street or assign or reassign street numbers on a street until it has
given notice and held a public hearing on the matter in the manner as stated in §41-7, above.