§ 41-5. Definitions and Word Usage.  
The following terms are defined for purposes of this Chapter: 
Addressable Structure - Any structure that has electrical power and telephone service to
it.  This includes but is not limited to single family dwellings, apartments, condominiums,
businesses, Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), cellular telephone transmission towers,
public pay telephones, telephone switch boxes, and utility service locations.
House Number - Number assigned to any addressable structure in a sequential manner.
Mailing Address - The address used by the United States Postal Service for the purpose
of delivery of the United States Mail. The mailing address may or may not be identical to
the property address.
Property Address - The property number and street name shall serve as the property
Property Address Coordinator - The person charged with the administration and
enforcement of this chapter. 
Property Number-
E911 number assigned to any addressable structure. 
Secondary Address - An approved postal secondary address (apt, unit, etc.) that
can be found in Postal Addressing Standards, Publication 28, Appendix C2.
State Road Number - A number assigned by the North Carolina Department of
Transportation, also known as the "SR number" for secondary state-maintained roads.
Street- Any public or private road, street, drive, lane, cartway, tramway, easement, right-
of-way, access area, thoroughfare, highway, boulevard or any other corridor accessible
by emergency vehicles. 
Street Name - The official name of any street, designated by the Board of
Any street type suffix that is listed in the Postal Addressing Standards, Publication 28,
Appendix C1 may be used as a street suffix.