§ 41-12.  Display of Numbers. 
All property address numbers shall be clearly displayed on the structure and be a contrasting color from their
background so that the location can be easily identified from the street.
It shall be the duty of the property owner to properly display the number which has been assigned by the
Board of Commissioners.
The property address number must be displayed by the main entrance to the building or on the street end of
the building nearest the street so that it is most clearly visible from the street.
If an addressable structure is more than 75 feet from the center line of the street to which the addressable
structure fronts or if the addressable structure is not visible from the street, the property address number
shall also be displayed at the end of the driveway nearest the street which provides access to the building.
Such display should be at least six inches above driveway level with the numbers facing the street.
All property address numbers shall be displayed numerically. Numbers may be displayed in script as long
as numeric numbers are also properly mounted. When two or more numbers are displayed, each successive
number may be either adjacent or offset. If offset, successive numbers shall not exceed 1/2 the height of the
previous numeral. Numbers shall not be positioned vertically.
Single family dwelling numerals shall be at least four inches in height and shall be posted and maintained
so as to be legible from the street.
Numerals for multiple dwelling units (ie apartment buildings, condiminiums)
and nonresidential buildings
(factory’s, business’s) shall be at least  six inches in height and shall be placed on the front of the building
facing the street or on the end of the building nearest the street.
G.  All designated lots within a Manufactured Home Park, whether vacant or occupied,  shall be clearly marked
with the assigned property address.
Numerals placed on mailboxes for United States Postal Service identification shall not be a substitute for
the property address.