§ 3-35. Record of Proceedings
Electronic recordings. Henderson County will keep minutes of all meetings, and in cases  
in which a record on appeal could be required by a Court of record, a transcript, or an 
electronic recording in such a way that will be adequate to record fully the proceedings of 
each meeting, hearing or other proceeding.
Public record. Any electronic recordings are available to the public in any and 
all manners in which the County is capable of providing them, at a cost set by 
the County’s fee schedule, as amended from time to time.
Electronic record retention. Records shall be kept in accordance with North 
Carolina Public Records law and the records retention schedule established by 
the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources.
Meeting Summary. In instances where electronic recordings are utilized as the 
official minutes, boards and committees may elect to create meeting summaries  
including the attendance, matters discussed with any actions taken, identification 
of documents presented, and any votes taken. When votes are not unanimous, 
the meeting summary should indicate the votes of each member of the board or 
Record on Appeal. Henderson County shall make the electronic recordings available to 
any appellant in order to prepare a verbatim transcript of the proceeding being appealed.
The appellant must make provision for the creation of a verbatim transcript 
from the electronic recording.
The appellant’s transcriptionist may have 45 days to prepare the transcript 
from the electronic recording and provide copies to the Clerk of Court and 
the respective parties. In certain circumstances, the time for preparation may 
be extended upon agreement of the parties and with the permission of the Court.
The appellant shall bear the initial cost of transcription, subject to being taxed 
by the Court as a cost of any appeal.
No part of this Ordinance is intended to conflict with N.C.G.S. or North 
Carolina Rules of Appellate Procedure. In any instance of conflict, the General 
Statutes and Rules of Appellate Procedure shall be followed.