§ 2-3.  Preparation of minutes; release of information. 
The Clerk to the Board of Commissioners, or the Board's designee, shall attend all closed sessions held by
the Board of Commissioners and shall prepare minutes of each closed session. Each item discussed in
closed session shall be listed on a separate page in a format substantially similar to Attachment 1, at the end
of this Chapter.  Any item which is unsealed in accordance with the terms of this article shall be signed by
the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners at the top of the original of each page containing the unsealed
item in the closed session minute book. As used in this article, to "unseal" information shall mean to
declare that viewing the information by the general public will not frustrate the purpose for which the
information was discussed in closed session. Any such page so signed as unsealed shall be kept by the
Clerk in a separate file for public inspection