§ 1-13.Legislation Saved From Repeal
The adoption of this Henderson County Code and the repeal of legislation provided for in § 1-12 of this ordinance
shall not affect the following ordinances, rights and obligations, which are hereby expressly saved from repeal:
Any legislation adopted subsequent to December 1, 1997.
Any right or liability established, accrued or incurred under any legislative provision prior to the 
effective date of this ordinance or any action or proceeding brought for the enforcement of such 
right or liability.
Any offense or act committed or done before the effective date of this ordinance in violation of 
any legislative provision or any penalty, punishment or forfeiture which may result therefrom.
Any prosecution, indictment, action, suit or other proceeding pending or any judgment rendered 
prior to the effective date of this ordinance brought pursuant to any legislative provision.
Any franchise, license, right, easement or privilege heretofore granted or conferred.
Any ordinance or resolution providing for the laying out, opening, altering, widening, relocating, 
straightening, establishing grade, changing name, improvement, acceptance or vacation of any 
right-of-way, easement, street, road, highway, park or other public place or any portion thereof.
Any ordinance or resolution appropriating money or transferring funds, promising or guaranteeing
the payment of money or authorizing the issuance and delivery of any bond or other instruments 
or evidence of the County's indebtedness.
Ordinances or resolutions authorizing the purchase, sale, lease or transfer of property or any lawful
contract or obligation.
The levy or imposition of taxes, assessments or charges.
The annexation or dedication of property or approval of preliminary or final subdivision plats.
All currently effective ordinances or resolutions pertaining to the rate and manner of payment of 
salaries and compensation of officers and employees.
Any legislation relating to or establishing a pension plan or pension fund for County employees.
The Personnel Resolution adopted on September 21, 1988, and all amendments thereto.
The Vested Rights Ordinance adopted on November 4, 1996, and all amendments thereto.
The Resolution Authorizing the Henderson County Manager to Receive Bids, Award Bids, Reject 
Bids, Re advertise to Receive Bids, or Waive Bid Bonds or Deposits or Performance and Payment
Bond Requirements for the Purchase of Apparatus, Supplies, Materials, or Equipment adopted on 
August 20, 1997, and all amendments thereto.
The Budget Ordinance adopted on June 30, 1998, and all amendments thereto.
The Rules of Procedure for the Henderson County Board of Commissioners, the Cane Creek 
Water and Sewer District Board of Commissioners and the Mud Creek Water and Sewer District 
Board of Commissioners adopted November 2, 1992, and all amendments thereto.
The bylaws of any board or committee of Henderson County and all amendments thereto.
The Budget Development Resolution adopted on September 8, 1998, and all amendments thereto.
The Henderson County Policy Regarding the Sale of Real Property Owned by Henderson County 
as Result of a Tax Foreclosure Sale adopted on December 23, 1992, and all amendments thereto.