§ 19-51.  Enforcement Procedures.  
If a law enforcement officer reasonably believes that a convicted child sex offender is in 
a child safety zone in violation of this article, the officer shall require the convicted child  
sex offender to provide his/her name, address, and telephone number. If the officer 
establishes that the individual is a convicted child sex offender, then the officer shall 
notify the convicted child sex offender that he/she is in violation of the article.  
For the purposes hereof, an individual may be established as a convicted child sex 
If he/she is a resident of North Carolina and is required to be registered on the 
North Carolina Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registration  
Database; or  
If he/she is not a resident of North Carolina, he/she would be required to so 
register if he/she was, in fact, a North Carolina resident