§ 19-3. Definitions. 
The following terms are defined for purposes of this Chapter:  
Department - The Parks and Recreation Department of Henderson County.   
Director - The Director of the Parks and Recreation Department of Henderson County, or 
his/her designee.   
Park - A park, reservation, playground, community center, recreation center, stadium or 
any other area or structure in the County, owned or leased or used by the County and 
devoted to active or passive recreation, including property owned by others and devoted 
to park purposes under the jurisdiction of the Department.   
Person - Any individual, firm, partnership, association, corporation, company or 
organization of any kind, but does not apply to park employees or law enforcement 
officers to the extent necessary to carry out their duties.   
Public Place - Any place which is viewable from any location open to the view of the 
public at large.   
Public Nudity - A person's intentional failure to cover with a fully opaque covering the 
person's genitals, pubic area, anal area or female breasts below a point from the top of the 
areola while in a public place, excluding toilet facilities.   
Sexual Conduct - Vaginal, anal or oral intercourse, whether actual or simulated, or 
Unnecessary Stopping - Bringing a vehicle to a complete stop at a point other than in a 
parking place, or other than in conformity with traffic regulations and other than because  
of a defect in said vehicle.   
Vehicle - Any wheeled conveyance, whether motor-powered, animal-drawn or self-
propelled; except wheelchairs and similar vehicles, baby carriages and vehicles in the 
service of the County parks or emergency vehicles.