§ 19-11. Park Operating Policy.  
The opening and closing hours for each individual park or recreation facility shall be 
determined by the Director and shall be posted therein for public information.  
All or any section of any park or recreation area or facility may be declared closed to the  
public by the Director at any time and for any interval of time, either temporarily or at 
regular and stated intervals (daily or otherwise), and either entirely or merely to certain 
uses, as the Director shall find reasonably necessary.  
The findings of lost articles by park attendants shall be reported to the Director, who shall 
make every reasonable effort to locate the owners.  
A permit shall be obtained from the Director before participating in any park activity 
which the Department shall from time to time designate as requiring such a permit.  
The Director shall have the authority to revoke a permit upon a finding of violation of 
any rule or ordinance, or upon good cause shown.