18-6. Violations and Penalties; Enforcement.
This chapter shall be enforced in accordance with any and all of the provisions of N.C.G.S. 
153A-123and Henderson County Code Chapter 1, Article II.
In the case of second or subsequent violations of §18-3C(3), any animal which upon 
investigation by Deputy Sheriff is found to be creating the noise which causes the violation of 
§18-3C(3) may, in the discretion of such Deputy, be impounded by the Sheriff's Department 
and confined in the county animal shelter in a humane manner until the next business day for the 
See Henderson County Code Chapter 16, Animals, §16-14, Impoundment. The owner of  
such animal may redeem the animal upon payment of applicable fees. If the animal is not 
redeemed within 5 days of impoundment, then such animal may be offered for adoption or 
destroyed in a humane manner pursuant to Henderson County Code §16-14 . Impoundment of 
such an animal shall not relieve the owner thereof from any penalty, civil or criminal, which may 
be imposed for violation of this Chapter. 
Any Deputy Sheriff of Henderson County, having first investigated this matter pursuant to 
§18-5, may obtain criminal process for violation of this Chapter. A violation of any noise 
ordinance provision shall constitute a Class 3 misdemeanor and may be punished by fine in the 
discretion of the Court, up to a maximum of $500 per offense.