§ 16-98.  Determination of damages by selected landowners or by referee.
If the owner and impounder cannot agree as to the cost of impounding and maintaining such livestock, as well as
damages to the impounder caused by such livestock running at large, then such costs and damages shall be
determined by three disinterested landowners, 1 to be selected by the owner of the livestock, 1 to be selected by the
impounder and a third to be selected by the first 2. If within 10 days a majority of the landowners so selected cannot
agree, or if the owner of the livestock or the impounder fails to make his selection, or if the 2 selected fail to select a
third, then the clerk of superior court of the county where the livestock is impounded shall select a referee. The
determination of such costs and damages by the landowners or by the referee shall be final.