§ 16-97.  Notice when owner not known. 
If the owner of the impounded livestock is not known or cannot be found, the impounder shall inform the register of
deeds that he has impounded the livestock and provide the register of deeds with a description of the livestock.  The
register of deeds shall record the information in a book kept for that purpose, and shall charge the impounder a fee
of $10.00.  The register of deeds shall immediately publish a notice of the impoundment of the animal by posting a
notice on the courthouse door.  The notice on the courthouse door shall be posted for 30 days, and shall contain a
full description of the livestock impounded, including all marks or brands on the livestock, and shall state when and
where the animal was taken up.  The impounder shall publish once, in some newspaper published and distributed in
the county, a notice containing the same information as the notice posted by the register of deeds. The fees for
publishing the notice shall be paid by the impounder