§ 16-58. Civil penalties.
In addition to and independent of any criminal penalties and other sanctions provided in this article, violation of this
article may also subject the offender to the civil penalties hereinafter set forth:
The Animal Service Director, Animal Enforcement Officers, Sheriff, or Sheriff's Deputies may 
issue to the known owner of any animal, or to any other violator of the provisions of this Chapter, 
a citation. Citations so issued may be delivered in person or mailed by certified or registered mail 
to the person charged if that person cannot be readily found. The citation shall impose upon the 
violator a minimum civil penalty of $50 or such greater amounts for offenses as may be set by 
ordinance. The imposed civil penalty shall be paid in full to the Animal Service Center within 
30 days of receipt of the citation assessing the civil penalty. This civil penalty is in addition to 
other fees or costs authorized by this Chapter.
In the event that the owner of an animal or other alleged violator does not appear in response to 
the above-described citation, or the applicable civil penalty is not paid within the time period 
prescribed, a civil action may be commenced to recover the penalty and costs associated with 
collection of the penalty, and/or criminal summons may be issued against the owner or other 
alleged violator of this Chapter, and upon conviction, the owner shall be punished as provided by 
state law. The Sheriff is expressly authorized to initiate and prosecute small claims actions in 
District Court to collect civil penalties and fees due to the Department and may call on the County
Legal Department for assistance as  needed.
The following civil penalties are hereby established and subject to revision by the Board of 
County Commissioners for each incident violation of this Chapter:
Animal Service Civil Penalty Fee Schedule Description
Civil Penalty
Failure to have current rabies vaccination for an animal (per day, not
including quarantine time)
Killing or release of an observed animal
Failure to surrender an animal for rabies quarantine (per day)