§ 16-52. Report and confinement of dogs and cats biting persons or showing symptoms of rabies.
Quarantine. Every dog or cat which has bitten any person or which shows symptoms of rabies 
shall be confined immediately and shall be promptly reported to the Animal Service Center, and 
thereupon shall be securely quarantined, at the direction of the Animal Service Center, for 10 days
commencing from the time of the bite. Animals quarantined under this section shall be confined 
at the expense of the owner. 
All dogs and cats shall be housed at the County Animal Service Center unless approved 
by the Public Health Director or his/her designee in writing.
Animals may be quarantined in approved veterinary quarantine at the veterinarian’s 
office.  This must be approved by the County Director of Public Health in writing. In 
instances where this option is used, the owner must sign a document produced by the 
County where the owner accepts all liability for the animal. At the end of the quarantine, 
the owner or the veterinarian must provide documentation stating the animal does not 
have rabies and has been properly vaccinated against rabies.
Animals quarantined at the Henderson County Animal Shelter must be claimed no more 
than 24 hours after the end of the quarantine period.  After this period the animal shall be 
considered relinquished to Henderson County Animal Services.
Authority to seize animals for noncompliance. If the owner or the person who controls or  
possesses the dog or cat refuses to confine the animal as required by this section, the County 
Director of Public Health may order seizure of the animal and its confinement for 10 days in such 
a place as the County Director of Public Health designates, at the expense of the owner.
Disposition of animal other than dog, cat or ferret. An animal other than a dog or cat or ferret that 
bites a person shall be immediately euthanized and its head forwarded to the North Carolina State 
Laboratory of Public Health for rabies testing.
Quarantine of stray animals. In the case of stray animals whose ownership is not known, the 
supervised quarantine required by this section shall be at the County Animal Service Center.
Authority to euthanize unclaimed animals. If any animal is unclaimed after a 10 day confinement, 
then the County Animal Service Director may have the animal euthanized.
Release from quarantine. If rabies does not develop within the 10 day quarantine period under 
this section, the animal may be released from quarantine to its owner. If the animal has been 
confined by the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department upon reclaiming the animal, the owner 
shall pay any such fee established by resolution of the Board of County Commissioners for each 
day of confinement to defray the cost of sheltering the animal.
Report of bites. Every physician or other medical practitioner who treats a person or persons for 
any animal bite or scratch or any person having knowledge of an animal bite or scratch shall 
within 12 hours, report such treatment to the Animal Service Center giving the name, age, sex and
precise location of the bitten/scratched person or persons and such other information as the officer 
or agency may require.
Euthanization of wounded, diseased or suffering animals. Badly wounded, diseased, or suffering 
animals, which are suspected of having rabies, may be humanely euthanized immediately, and the 
head forwarded for rabies testing.