§16 -28.  Prohibition of possession of inherently dangerous or wild animals
It shall be unlawful for any owner to keep, possess, harbor, or have under their control an 
inherently dangerous animal or a wild animal within the County.
Exceptions: Persons with a valid and current government-issued license shall be exempt.  Person 
must currently hold the license.
Recapturing: The owner of any inherently dangerous animal or wild animal shall reimburse 
Henderson County for all cost incurred while attempting to recapture any escaped inherently 
dangerous mammal. If the animal is sheltered or euthanized by Animal Control, the owner shall 
also pay these costs.
Animal Enforcement may take and impound an animal under these provisions at any time
for the protection of public health, safety, and welfare.
If an animal cannot be taken safely by Animal Enforcement or if proper and safe housing 
cannot be found for the animal, Animal Enforcement  may immediately destroy the 
Testing: In the event the County performs genetic testing on the animal, if the test provides 
positive returns, the owner may be held civilly liable for the cost of testing.