§ 16-15. Voluntary relinquishment of animals.
Owners wishing to relinquish animals in their possession may do so by delivering the same to the Animal Services
Center. Such animals will be subject to the impoundment provisions set out in § 16-14, except that no attempt to
contact the owner is required. 
Owners must also affirmatively represent in writing: 
That he or she is the legal owner of the animal;
That the owner permits the animal to be placed for adoption or humanely destroyed;
That the owner will indemnify and hold the Animal Services Center and County harmless for fees,
by reason of destruction of, or placement for adoption of, said  animal;
That the owner transfers ownership of said animal to the Animal Services Center and releases the 
Department from any and all future claims with respect to said animal; and
Reason for surrender for data collection purposes and to notify potential adopted owners of any 
significant problems.
If owner decides they want animal back after relinquishing, all reclaim or adoptions fees may