Article III Companion Animal Registry
§16-86. Companion Animal Registration. No household shall own, house, or care for more than 10 domestic
animals on their property without registering with Animal Services Center.
Law enforcement shall be permitted to inspect all registered parties at any time.  Refusal of inspection shall
be grounds for registry revocation. 
The owner must notify Animal services if the number of animals increases.
§16-87. Enforcement.
Failure to comply with the provisions of this Article may result in criminal or civil penalties as contemplated in 
§16-19 of this Ordinance. Violators with more than 10 animals who are not registered or have excess animals from
their registry must pay $50 per additional animal more than 10 per day they are in violation.  Excess animals may
also be impounded at the owner’s expense. Excess animals impounded under this Article must be reclaimed within
24 hours of impoundment or become the immediate property of Henderson County.  
§16-88.  Compliance with Existing Laws.
Nothing in this Article shall be construed to conflict or supplant any federal, state or municipal laws, rules or
regulations especially those concerning the licensing of kennels, shelters or pet shops. Nor shall anything in this
Article conflict with any state, local, or municipal laws regarding land use.
§ 16-89 Through 16-93.  (Reserved)