Town of Fletcher Building Code Administration
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Commissioners of Henderson County. Amended 7-14-2003.
This RESOLUTION, made this 14th day of July, 2003, between the County of Henderson, a political
subdivision of the State of North Carolina and body politic, hereinafter called the COUNTY, and the
Town of Fletcher, a political subdivision of the State of North Carolina and municipal corporation  
located in said County and state, hereinafter called the TOWN;
the COUNTY enforces the North Carolina Building Code in accordance with the
provisions adopted by the Building Code Council and the Commissioner of Insurance; and
the TOWN has adopted and will enforce a Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance as
part of the Town's Zoning authority; and
the TOWN has requested the County to continue its building inspection program in
the Town, and the COUNTY has agreed to provide such services in TOWN; and
the COUNTY and the TOWN, in order to set out the provisions and conditions
under which said services will be provided to the TOWN by the COUNTY, have entered into an interlocal
agreement as authorized by Chapter 160A, Article 20, Part I of the General Statutes of North Carolina;
NOW THEREFORE, the COUNTY and TOWN agree that:
The purpose of this agreement is to set forth in writing the terms and conditions upon which the COUNTY
will furnish to the TOWN building code administration and within the TOWN.
This agreement shall cover the period of one year beginning with the date hereof, and it shall be
automatically renewed from year to year unless one party shall give to the other written notice of its
intention to terminate the agreement at the end of the then current term, such notice to be given at least two
years prior to the end of such current term.
Services to be provided.
The COUNTY will continue to provide the same building code administration and enforcement services to
the TOWN in accordance with the applicable North Carolina laws and regulations. The COUNTY will not
issue a certificate of occupancy pursuant to new construction or substantial improvements without first
receiving approval from the TOWN Official(s) responsible for enforcement of Zoning, Fire Prevention and
in particular Flood Damage Prevention Ordinances.
The COUNTY will continue to receive and retain as its compensation for the services provided the TOWN
under this agreement all fees provided by law for such services.
Any amendment to the agreement shall be in writing and executed by the COUNTY and the TOWN.
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this Resolution to be executed, and their
corporate seals to be affixed by their duly authorized corporate officers, in duplicate originals, one of which
is retained by each part, the day and year first above written.