Chapter 22
Vehicle and Traffic
Article I - Parking on County Property
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Commissioners of Henderson County. Amended 11-18-1998]
§ 22-1. Designated Parking Spaces. 
In the parking areas located at the Henderson County Courthouse and the Henderson County office
building, each parking space marked with the name or title of a designated public official or employee shall
be for the sole use of such public official or employee, and it shall be unlawful for any other person to park
a motor vehicle in such parking space.  
§ 22-2. Violations and Penalties. 
Violation of this article shall be an infraction punishable by a fine of not more than $50.
provided that this
article shall not apply to streets, roads or highways in Henderson County. 
§ 22-3. Removal and Storage of Vehicles. 
Any motor vehicle parked in the parking area at the Henderson County Courthouse or in the parking area at
the Henderson County office building in violation of the regulations set out in §22-1 above may be
removed or towed away from said County owned property by or under the direction of the Chairman, Vice
Chairman or Clerk of the Board of Commissioners of Henderson County to a storage area or garage, and
the owner of such motor vehicle shall be deemed to have appointed such designated officials his agents for
the purpose of arranging for the transportation and safe storage of such vehicle and accepting a warehouse
receipt from the person or firm providing such transportation and storage, and the owner of such vehicle,
before obtaining possession thereof, shall pay to the County all reasonable costs incidental to the removal
and storage and any fines due for violation of said parking regulation.   
§ 22-4. Through 22-25. (Reserved)