§48-23.  Duties of Owner
Upon the receipt of a notice of violation from a Code Official, the Owner shall:
Attend a meeting at the Dwelling Unit with the Code  Official, on a date and at a time set by the Code
Official (to be during the County’s regular business hours), upon Telephonic Notice or written notice of
the same given by the Code Official.  The meeting shall be held upon not less than (i) five (5) business
days’ notice for non-emergency violations as designated by the Code Official, or (ii) upon reasonable
notice under the circumstances (but not less than twenty-four (24) hours), for emergency violations
designed by the Code Official.
Remedy violations of the Minimum Housing Code within (i) ten (10) business days of the meeting with
the Code Official required in
48-23A., above, unless the Code Official has designated the violation as an
Remedy violations of the Minimum Housing Code within a reasonable time (not less than twenty-four
(24) hours) set by the Code Official in situations designated by the Code Official as an emergency. 
Provide the Code Official with a means of telephonic contact by which the Code Official can actually
contact the Owner.