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Stray Animals

Animal Enforcement is a division of the Henderson County Sheriff's Department. Animal Enforcement Officers will pick up stray dogs and cats on public property or on private property when reported. If you need a stray animal picked up or any other animal control issue please contact the Henderson County Sheriff's Dept. at 697-4912. If the animal has tags or a microchip, every reasonable effort is made to contact the the owner to come and pick up the animal at the shelter. It is County policy that the animal is to be held at the shelter for a minimum of 3 days. If the owner is not located the pet is offered for adoption or if necessary, euthanized.

Henderson County Commissioners passed an amendment to the Animal Ordinance requiring owners to restrain or confine their animals. Local municipalities may have stricter laws. Any animal running loose must not be a nuisance, and must have a current rabies tag attached to the collar. ID tags help locate owners. In some cases, wanted pets have been destroyed at the Shelter because the owner was identified too late. Spay and neutering your pet also helps control the stray population. Please check with a veterinarian about these procedures.