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Spay & Neuter Assistance Program



Henderson County, NC Spay Neuter Assistance Program



Henderson County will offer a Spay Neuter Assistance Program (hereinafter referred to as SNAP) for the purpose of spaying or neutering the companion animals belonging to residents who meet the following criteria:

  1. must be a resident of Henderson County, North Carolina, and
  2. must have a gross household income not to exceed $35,000 per year.


Persons seeking the services of SNAP will be required to provide documentation to prove that they meet the criteria of the program. 


The following will be considered adequate documentation for the residency requirement:  North Carolina Drivers License or Identification Card, a benefit Statement from Social Security, Military Benefit Statement, Real Estate Tax Statement, SSA-Retirement, Survivors and Disability Income-Notice of Award letter, Medicaid Identification Card, bank statement, etc.  A document indicating a Post Office Box within the county will not be adequate proof of residency.


The following will be considered adequate documentation for the income requirement:   Income Tax Form, paycheck stub indicating year to date information, W-2, 1099 Misc., EBT card (Food Stamp Program), Medicaid card, bank statement showing direct deposit of government benefits providing that  the depositor is clearly identified, etc.  Drivers License or State Identification card will be required when the financial documentation does not indicate a physical address.


The SNAP program will cover the cost of spay or neuter surgery, including anesthesia, medication and veterinary services.   The cost of all vaccinations and tests (Heartworm, FIV, Felv) and other services are the responsibility of the owner.  .


The Director reserves the right to limit or refuse service to any otherwise eligible individuals.