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Rabies Control

Rabies is a deadly disease that has no cure. It can attack animals anywhere in the world. In Henderson County confirmed rabies cases has decreased in the past years from 15 confirmed cases and 3 unconfirmed cases to 6 confirmed cases in 2007. Most cases have been within the raccoon population. However, people are at risk for exposure if their domestic pets have come in contact with a rabid animal. Precautions people can take to reduce their exposure are to:

Every owner or keeper of a dog or cat over four months of age shall have the animal vaccinated against rabies pursuant to G.S. 130A-185. Each year local veterinarians conduct low cost rabies vaccination clinics. Please check with your veterinarian or the Animal Shelter about a clinic in your area.

Henderson County Confirmed Rabies Cases

Date Location Type of Animal
5/15/2013 Hendersonville Fox
12/23/09 Fletcher Raccoon
11/17/09 Hendersonville Dog
5/13/09 Hendersonville Raccoon
5/11/09 Flat Rock Skunk
6/14/08 Fletcher Raccoon