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Animal Services Advisory Committee (ASAC)


The Committee shall assist the Board and staff by providing input on the ooperations of Henderson County's Animal Control Department.  The Committee mak may recommendations concerning enhancements of the program and the Animal Services Ordinance.  The Committee shal hear dangerous dog appeals.


Current Members

Ms. Carole Ann Roop,   Chair

Mrs. Kathryn Overstreet,    Vice Chair

Dr. Brian Jull

Mr. Jack Walsh

Ms. Patty MacDuff

Mr. James Varble

Mrs. Donna C. Young

Mr. John Lynn

Lt. Michael Lee Marstellar

ACAS ByLaws & Meetings

The ASAC meets the second Thursday of January, April, July and October at 5:30 p.m. in the King Street Meeting room at 100 Noth King street.




          2017 Meetings  

Meeting Date
January 12 Audio Recording
April 13 Audio Recording
July 13 DRAFT Ordinance Revision
August 7 Audio Recording
October 12 Audio Recording



           2016 Meetings  

Meeting Date
January 14 Audio Recording
April 14 Audio Recording
July 14  
October 13 Audio Recording


          2015 Meetings

Meeting Date Minutes
January 8 Audio Recording
April 9 Audio Recording
July 9 Audio Recording
October 8 Audio Recording