JUNE 2, 1999

The Henderson County Board of Commissioners met for a special called meeting at 3:00 p.m. in the Commissioners' Conference Room of the Henderson County Office Building.

Those present were: Chairman Grady Hawkins, Vice-Chair Bill Moyer, Commissioner Renee Kumor, Commissioner Don Ward, Commissioner Marilyn Gordon, County Manager David E. Nicholson, Assistant County Manager Angela S. Beeker, Finance Director J. Carey McLelland, and Budget Ananlyst Selena Coffey.

Absent was: Clerk to the Board Elizabeth W. Corn.


Chairman Hawkins called the meeting to order and welcomed all in attendance. The purpose of this budget work shop was to meet with the Health Department and the Department of Social Services.


The County Manager reviewed his recommendations of personnel, operational expenses and capital outlay with the Board and turned the presentation over to Tom Bridges, Health Department Director. Mr. Bridges reviewed the state-mandated services of his department and provided the Board with various statistical information on their programs.

They requested several new position in this year=s budget. This included changing the Spanish Interpreter from a temporary position to a permanent one. There are no County funds needed for this position. The Board agreed to include this position in the budget. The Board discussed and approved a Health Educator position as a project employee and a Public Health Nurse contract for Blue Ridge Health Center. These positions are funded with Medicaid dollars.

Mr. Bridges also requested an additional four Public Health Nurses to work at the Middle Grade Schools. These new positions would be funded under a Duke Endowment Grant that Pardee Hospital had received for three years. These positions would require that Henderson County provide mobile units for the schools. The cost of the units could come from funds currently within the Health Department=s budget. The Chairman will check with Pardee Hospital concerning the grant and the staff is to check on the possibility of leasing the mobile units.

Mr. Bridges discussed the new requests in the Animal Control budget. They have requested a Secretary and an additional Animal Control Officer. These were not included in the County Manager=s budget and would have to be funded by local funds. They also requested several vehicle replacements in both Animal Control and Environmental Health. They also have received state funding for the majority of the purchase of a well camera. The County match of $3,600 could come from departmental savings and fees.


Liston Smith and Peggy Rutledge presented the Department of Social Services= requested budget. There were no county funds within their budget for the Interfaith Assistance Ministry=s Emergency Intervention program. However, they have a contract through the Work First Program to provide them funding. Mr. Smith updated the Board on several programs within his department including a wide-area network, services to aging, Child Support Enforcement and Services to Children. There were no new positions included in the budget request. However, there were a number of state bills that the General Assembly is considering that could require additional staffing.

Ms. Rutledge reviewed their Federal and State Program=s budget. These included the county=s match to Medicaid, Foster Care, Adoption Assistance and Work First.

The Board discussed the legal services line-item in the DSS budget and requested that the County Manager develop a proposal for a Legal Services function for County Government.

Mr. Smith reviewed the growth in new customers in the Medicaid programs. Since the first of the year, the Department has enrolled over 1000 new participants in this program. These are both elderly and children.

There being no further business to come before the Board, Chairman Hawkins adjourned the meeting at 5:25 p.m.




Elizabeth W. Corn, Clerk Grady Hawkins, Chairman