Henderson County Board of Commissioners

1 Historic Courthouse Square, Hendersonville, NC

Monday, November 2, 2015

5:30 P.M.










A.    Conduct three (3) public hearings for assignment of new road names

Requests the Board approve road name assignments of Access Lane, Stay A Way, and Peaceful Meadows Lane  





A.    Minutes:

October 21, 2015 - Regularly Scheduled Meeting

Approval of minutes from previous meeting(s)

B.     Tax Collector’s Report

Routine monthly report on current tax collections

C.     Pending Releases & Refunds

Routine monthly request for approval of tax releases and tax refunds

D.    County Financial Report/Cash Balance Report – September 2015

Routine monthly financial report for the County

E.     Public Schools Financial Report – September 2015

Routine monthly financial report for the Henderson County Public Schools

F.      Proclamation – GIS Day in Henderson County

Requests the Board adopt a Proclamation designating November 19, 2015 as GIS Day in Henderson County

G.    HOME Funds – Waiver of Repayment Provision

Requests Board waive the repayment provision, allowing Ms. Owens to refinance her first mortgage

H.    Petition for Addition to State Road system

Requests the Board approve the petition for hillcrest Subdivision and direct staff to forward it to NCDOT

I.       Award Construction Contract – Old Fairground Site Development

Requests the Board award the construction contract for the Old Fairgrounds Site Development Project to JLS Construction for $412,285.00, approve the proposed project budget and authorize the County Engineer to execute the required documents.

J.       Request for Use of Courtroom

Requests use of the commissioners’ Meeting Room on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. for an eRecording Seminar

K.    Closing of a portion of Middleton Road (SR 1136)

Requests the Board adopt a resolution and set a public hearing for December 7, 2015 at 5:30 p.m.

L.     Budget Amendment – Sheriff

Requests the Board approve a budget amendment appropriating additional revenue from USDOJ for forfeitures in the amount of $102,395.00

M.   Proclamation – Homeless Youth Awareness Day

Requests the Board adopt a Proclamation proclaiming November 6, 2015 as Homeless Youth Awareness Day in Henderson County





A.    Notification of Vacancies

Notification of citizen vacancies to County Boards and Committees

1.      Henderson County Zoning Board of Adjustment – 2 vac.

2.      Home and Community Care Block Grant Advisory Committee – 5 vac.

3.      Laurel Park Zoning Board of Adjustment – 1 vac.

4.      Senior Volunteer Services Advisory Council – 1 vac.

5.      Mountain Area Workforce Development Board – 1 vac.

B.     Nominations

Nominations of citizens to County Boards and Committees

1.      EMS Peer Review Committee – 1 vac.

2.      Equalization and Review Committee, Henderson County Board of – 1 vac.

3.      Hendersonville Planning Board – 1 vac.

4.      Historic Resources Commission – 1 vac.

5.      Juvenile Crime Prevention Council – 6 vac.

6.      Mountain Valleys Resource Conservation and Development Program – 1 vac.

7.      Nursing/Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee – 4 vac.

8.      Senior Volunteer Services Advisory Council – 3 vac.

9.      Walk of Fame Steering Committee – 1 vac.



A.    Oklawaha Greenway Proposed Extension Presentation

Presentation by Joe Sanders of the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club

B.     Revision of Solid Waste ordinances

Requests the Board adopt amendments to the Solid Waste Ordinance

C.     Henderson County Fire and Rescue Association

Presentation by Gary Brown of the Henderson County Fire & Rescue Association and Chief of Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue with respect to the Fire Training Facility located on the BRCC Campus

D.    Emergency Services Base Location

Discussion of potential locations for the Emergency Services Base/EMS Headquarters



Routine Update from the County Manager



Upcoming schedule of meetings and events





Agenda items can be viewed on the County’s website at